About sugar15

My name is Marjolein Snelder.  I started Sugar15 because I wanted to create fashionable, trendy and affordable leather diabetes clutches. An accessory for diabetes supplies that I can use myself and that makes me happy using it and soften the pain of being a diabetic. And hopefully it will have the same effect on other diabetics.

After my two pregnancies I developed diabetes type1 and my world collapsed! My bloodsugar was skyhigh and after a short period in the hospital I slowly grew in to my new lifestyle. It was very diificult to get my bloodsugar stable when I used the insuline pen. So I decided to change to the Omnipod Pump. Being very sensitive for insuline, and just using 14 units of insulin a day, the Omnipod finally resulted in some stability.
Soon after the diagnose I started looking for a beautiful and fashionable clutch to carry al my diabetes needs with me. I was ready to be completely open about my diabetes, but was not willing to take the ugly black plastic pump-bags with me to restaurants, pubs or business meetings. 
I decided to create a clutch that is both functional and trendy and combined my love for fashion and knowledge of this disiese in sugar15. 

When you have to carry your diabetes supllies with you every day, better do it in a clutch that makes you happy!