Diabetes clutch Charlie Pink

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Are you looking for a stylish clutch to carry al your diabetes supplies? Try our beautiful Diabetes clutch made of real leather. Carry it with pride to the office, put it on the table in a restaurant. The real leather gives it a stylish wallet-like look.

Diabetes clutch Charlie Pink fits al your diabetes supplies. Made of firm leather, making it the perfect and stylish diabetes accessory  

Sizes (in centimeters):19cm X 12cm X 4cm

The bag is spacious and offers space for all the items below:

  • all common blood glucose meter (max size in inches: 5,9 x 3,1)
  • a box of test strips
  • lancets
  • lancing device
  • your insulin pen
  • insulin
  • Dextro
  • your smartphone or freestyle Libre Continue meter
Your test strips and lancing device can be placed in an elastic strap. Place your blood glucose meter in the leather compartment that fits all sizes and styles glucose meters.  

Your lancets, used strips and insulin can be placed in a separate pocket with zipper. There is also room for your smartphone or even your freestyle libre flash glucose monitoring device. The perfect clutch to carry all your essential diabetic needs with you!

This model is suitable for the larger glucose meters like the Omnidpod, but also for long, thin bloodglucose meters. We used firm leather in soft pink for the outside and the lining. The zipper holds a detachable key closure.    

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